Tips & tricks to #StaySafe during lockdown

Be mindful of why you drink, when you start drinking and how often you drink. It is important to monitor your consumption not to acquire unhealthy new habits that might be difficult to lose at the end of the lockdown.

  • For healthy adults consuming alcoholic beverages at home, it is essential to keep the moment as a source of enjoyment and conviviality, which means drinking within the low-risk drinking guidelines and not every day! Excessive alcohol consumption at home can have a number of adverse consequences such as potential increases in falls and injuries; domestic violence and reduced vigilance or disinhibition which can lower adherence to social distancing measures. Hints & Tips for moderate consumption: measure what you are pouring in your drink, alternate with water, avoid topping up your glass and never drink on an empty stomach (read more).
  • Drinking to cope with stress and anxiety is likely to have the opposite effect. If this is what you feel, please limit or cut your alcohol consumption and if it is too difficult, look for medical support. Hints & Tips to combat anxiety: stay connected with family and friends; keep an active routine; watch less the news; take a new hobby; sleep and rest well; and while working at home, take regular breaks, get some fresh air and do normal hours (WHO guidelines).
  • Keep healthy during COVID-19. Excessive alcohol consumption can weaken the immune system and make the body more susceptible to infections which should be avoided in times of a pandemic. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has underlined that a healthy lifestyle will make all bodily functions work better, including immunity. Eating healthy diets, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, keeping physically active, quitting smoking, limiting or avoiding alcohol intake, and getting enough sleep are key components of a healthy lifestyle.