Ingredient List:

  • Punch au Rhum [Rum (sugar can distillate)]
  • Flavours
  • Water
  • Colour (if used)
  • Sugar

PUNCH AU RHUM (15%)Nutrition information

37 Kcal / serve30ml 154 kJ

123 Kcal / 100ml  513 kJ

PUNCH AU RHUM 15% vol. 30ml Per serving size 100ml
Energy 37 Kcal
/ 154 kJ
123 Kcal
/ 513 kJ
Fat 0 0
Saturates 0 0
Carbohydrates 3g 10g
Sugars 3g 10g
Protein 0 0
Salt 0 0

Production Process

Punch au rhum is a liqueur whose alcohol component is exclusively from rum.   It has a minimum sugar content of 100g per litre and the name punch au rhum can be supplemented by the term ‘liqueur’.


Punch au rhum sold to consumers has a minimum alcoholic strength of 15% vol..


The use of flavouring substances and flavouring preparations and colours.

Not allowed