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Beverages containing alcohol are often associated with sharing, pleasure, unwinding, and socialising.
This website helps you weighing up the pros and cons when deciding to drink alcohol beverages.
It also provides information of what is in a spirit drink from ingredients, nutritional values and more.

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What is in a spirit drink?

Learn about the agricultural raw materials, the distillation process, ingredients and nutritional values…

Enjoy with moderation

In moderation, alcohol can be part of a healthy lifestyle…

What is a standard drink of alcohol ?

Understand how much ethanol is in a drink linked to both the ABV & size of the drink …

Want to monitor your calorie intake?

Understand how to assess calories in alcoholic beverages…


Tips and Tricks

Tips on how to make sure your drinking experience is one to remember and not one to forget.


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spiritsEUROPE acts as the European representative body for producers of spirit drinks with a membership comprising of national associations representing the sector across Europe as well as a group of leading spirits producing companies.