About us

spiritsEUROPE asbl acts as the European representative body for producers of spirit drinks with a membership comprising of national associations representing the sector across Europe as well as a group of leading spirits producing companies.

With members from across the EU, spiritsEUROPE aims to raise and promote the understanding of the EU spirits industry to decision makers in the EU institutions, international organisations and other key stakeholders. The role is to secure, promote and advance the freedom to produce and market spirits in a responsible way, to support the needs of the members and to be the leading voice of the European spirits sector.

spiritsEUROPE also aims to:

  • Secure appropriate EU legislative conditions for the production, marketing, distribution and sale of spirits within the EU ;
  • Secure non-discriminatory treatment of spirits in comparison to other alcoholic beverages ;
  • Secure free and fair access for EU spirits in third country markets ;
  • Increase awareness of the EU spirits sector and its vital economic role ;
  • Promote responsible consumption.

For more information: www.spirits.eu

Contact us at info@spirits.eu – T: + 32 2 779 24 23 – rue Belliard 12 / bte 5 – 1040 Brussels