Ingredient List:

  • Aniseed-flavoured spirit drink (alcohol of agricultural origin)
  • Flavours
  • Water
  • Colour (if used)
  • Sugar (if used)

ANISEED-FLAVOURED SPIRIT DRINK (15%)Nutrition information

25 Kcal / serve30ml 103 kJ

83 Kcal / 100ml  343 kJ

ANISEED-FLAVOURED SPIRIT DRINK 15% vol. 30ml Per serving size 100ml
Energy 25 Kcal
/ 103 kJ
83 Kcal
/ 343 kJ
Fat 0 0
Saturates 0 0
Carbohydrates 0 0
Sugars 0 0
Protein 0 0
Salt 0 0

Production Process

Aniseed-flavoured spirit drinks are produced by flavouring alcohol of agricultural origin with star anise, anise, fennel or other plants with the same aromatic constituents.  Only flavouring preparations and natural flavouring substances as well as natural plant extracts or aromatic seeds may be used but the aniseed taste must predominate.

The process for making aniseed-flavoured spirit drinks involves one or a combination of the following: maceration and / or distillation; re-distillation of the alcohol in the presence of the seeds or other parts of the plants; addition of natural extracts of aniseed-flavoured plants.


Aniseed-flavoured spirit drinks sold to consumers have a minimum alcoholic strength of 15% vol..


The addition of sweetening products and colours.

Not allowed