Brandy / Weinbrand

Ingredient List:

  • Brandy (wine / fortified wine distillate)
  • Water
  • Sugar (if used)
  • Colour: plain caramel (if used)

Brandy / Weinbrand (36%)Nutrition information

60 Kcal / serve30ml 247 kJ

199 Kcal / 100ml  824 kJ

Brandy / Weinbrand 36% vol. 30ml Per serving size 100ml
Energy 60 Kcal
/ 247 kJ
199 Kcal
/ 824 kJ
Fat 0 0
Saturates 0 0
Carbohydrates 0 0
Sugars 0 0
Protein 0 0
Salt 0 0

Production Process

Brandy or weinbrand is produced from wine spirit to which wine distillate may be added, as long as the latter (a) has been distilled at less than 94.8% vol. and (b) comprises a maximum of 50% of the final strength of the spirit.   It must be matured for at least one year in oak receptacles, or 6 months if the maturation takes place in oak casks holding less than 1,000 litres.

The spirit must have a volatile substances content of no less than 1.25g per litre of pure alcohol and which come exclusively from the distillation or re-distillation of the raw materials.  There is a maximum methanol content of 2g per litre of pure alcohol.


Brandy / weinbrand sold to consumers has a minimum alcoholic strength of 36% vol..


The addition of caramel to adapt the colour and the addition of sugar to ‘round off’ the taste. (2 years after the new spirits regulation takes effect, i.e. around spring 2021, the addition of sugar will be limited to a maximum of 35g / litre of brandy / weinbrand.)

Not allowed

The addition of any other alcohol and the use of flavourings.