Ingredient List:

  • Caraway-flavoured spirit drink (alcohol of agricultural origin)
  • Flavours (if used)
  • Colour (if used)
  • Sugar (if used)

CARAWAY-FLAVOURED SPIRIT DRINKS (30%)Nutrition information

50 Kcal / serve30ml 206 kJ

166 Kcal / 100ml  687 kJ

CARAWAY-FLAVOURED SPIRIT DRINKS 30% vol. 30ml Per serving size 100ml
Energy 50 Kcal
/ 206 kJ
166 Kcal
/ 687 kJ
Fat 0 0
Saturates 0 0
Carbohydrates 0 0
Sugars 0 0
Protein 0 0
Salt 0 0

Production Process

Caraway-flavoured spirit drinks are produced by flavouring alcohol of agricultural origin with caraway.   While other flavouring substances and flavouring preparations are also permitted, the spirits must have a predominant taste of caraway.

When the new spirit drinks regulation takes effect, i.e. in about spring 2021, it will be permitted also to call the spirit Kummel.


Caraway-flavoured spirit drinks sold to consumers have a minimum alcoholic strength of 30% vol..


The use of sweetening products and colours.

Not allowed