Ingredient List:

  • Distilled gin (distillate of botanicals and grain)
  • Ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin (if used)
  • Flavours (if used)
  • Water
  • Colour (if used)
  • Sugar (if used)

DISTILLED GIN (37.5%)Nutrition information

62 Kcal / serve30ml 257 kJ

207 Kcal / 100ml  858 kJ

DISTILLED GIN 37.5% vol. 30ml Per serving size 100ml
Energy 62 Kcal
/ 257 kJ
207 Kcal
/ 858 kJ
Fat 0 0
Saturates 0 0
Carbohydrates 0 0
Sugars 0 0
Protein 0 0
Salt 0 0

Production Process

Distilled gin is a juniper-flavoured spirit drink produced by either (a) re-distilling alcohol of agricultural origin in the presence of juniper berries and other natural botanicals (from which the taste of juniper must be predominant), or (b) mixing together the aforementioned distillate with any combination of alcohol of agricultural origin, flavouring substances and flavouring preparations.

If it contains less than 0.1g of sugar per litre of final product, the name distilled gin may be supplemented by the term ‘dry’.


Distilled gin sold to consumers has a minimum alcoholic strength of 37.5% vol..


The addition of colours and sweetening products (the latter being tightly limited if the product is called a ‘dry’ distilled gin).

Not allowed

The simple addition of essences or flavours to alcohol of agricultural origin in ‘gin’ production does not make the spirit a ‘distilled gin’.